Author Michael W. Mountain

(with Grandson William B. Mountain)

Michael W. Mountain

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The Mountain Family Trilogy

The Saga of the Brothers Mountain by Michael W. Mountain

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The Saga of the Brothers Mountain

This is an action packed book, as the Mountain family realizes that there are dangerous men waiting around every bend in the road.

The “Saga of the Brothers Mountain,” is a fictional tale that follows the adventures of three young Irish brothers and their cousin - through persecution in their homeland and through lawlessness in America. The story begins in southern Ireland in 1819 in the small farming village of Killeagh. The Mountain families were living on land owned by the merciless Lord Charles Webb, who is attempting to vacate all the Irish families from his property.

William Mountain, the youngest of the four boys, realized at a young age the need to protect himself and his family from the ruthlessness of the English landlords. After William's grandfather gave him a knife for his fourteenth birthday, to be used as a tool, William realized he had in his hands something he always wanted: a weapon. After years of practice, he could throw his knife with pinpoint and deadly accuracy with either hand.

When William and his cousin Mark were attacked by Lord Webb's hired killers, William flew into action and killed the thugs with only a knife. Webb retaliated and had most of the Irish farmers tortured and then killed.

After the slaughter of his family and neighbors, William, seeking revenge, went alone to Webb's compound armed with only two knives and killed many of his henchmen and burned most of the compound to the ground; however, he also helped four young women escape, including the beautiful Molly McCarthy.

Soon thereafter, William and Molly met brothers Patrick and SC and cousin Mark at the harbor in the Cove of Cork, and left on a ship to America in an effort to build lives for themselves. Upon arriving in the new country, William must continue to protect his family from the lawlessness of Five Points in New York City. This adventure continues onward to Wisconsin Territory, where they are followed there by mercenaries sent by Lord Webb. Action evolves with virtually every page as the “Saga of the Brothers Mountain” continues!

Honorable Mention - General Fiction - 2015 Los Angeles Book Festival

Honorable Mention - General Fiction - 2015 Pacific Rim Book Festival

William by Michael W. Mountain

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“William” is the action packed sequel of “The Saga of the Brothers Mountain.” The fictional tale begins in 1844 as it follows the Mountain family and their journey through the untamed Territory of Wisconsin and into the newly formed State of Minnesota.

The family, originally from the small farming village of Killeagh, in County Cork Ireland, is forced to go into hiding in order to escape the wrath of English landlord Charles Webb. Webb sent mercenaries to America to find and kill the Mountain family as retribution for destroying his compound back in Ireland. In an unexpected turn of events, the Mountain family survived the attack and killed the mercenaries. With the fear of continual reprisal from Webb, the family moved and secretly settled in the newly formed town of Hudson, in Wisconsin Territory.

The Mountain family quickly learned that lawlessness was a prevalent way of life in their new country, America. Instead of finding a peaceful existence, they found nothing but turmoil and potential death.

In order to protect themselves from the dangers in America, the family had become reliant on William, the youngest member of the brothers Mountain. William, while a youngster living in Ireland, had trained himself to become an expert with a knife, in order to provide fresh game for his family. In his wildest dreams he could have never envisioned that those skills would transform him from hunter to assassin. William's skills were tested time and time again by renegade Indians, lawless fur traders and slave traders, who all threatened the survival of the Mountain family.

The family continued to grow, adding mixed race children, Indian children and castoffs from homeless families to make a tight-knit family structure. The goal of this large extended family: to find a home where prejudice and lawlessness did not prevail.

Along the way, the ever expanding Mountain family experienced death to its members, Indian up-risings and the Civil War. The action is non-stop as the Mountain family struggled against all odds to find a permanent home in lawless America.

Honorable Mention - General Fiction - 2015 Hollywood Book Festival

WJ American Hero by Michael W. Mountain

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WJ American Hero

'WJ American Hero' is the final book in the Mountain family trilogy. This action packed fictional story begins in 1864 as the family moves to their new homestead in Blue Earth County, in southern Minnesota. After the Dakota War of 1862, the largest Indian war in American history, the entire Indian population of Minnesota was forced to leave their lands throughout the state. Once the Indian population was exiled from the state, the Federal Government auctioned the land to the settlers. The Mountain family placed bids at the auction and purchased several parcels of Winnebago Indian land in southern Minnesota.

As the family was attempting to get settled in Blue Earth County, three of its members made the decision to leave the family's homestead and head West to the new frontier of Wyoming. The travelers soon found out the reason it was called the Wild West. The territory of Wyoming was made up mostly of lawless desperado's, gunslingers, gamblers and drunks. Violence and mayhem was a way of life in the tent cities of Wyoming. The most popular areas of those cities were the saloons and the graveyards.

In addition to the white criminal element, conflicts between the whites and the Indian population increased. As the white settlers continued their trek westward, they began to infringe more and more on the Indians' hunting grounds. This began another Indian war. Since the US Army had all of its experienced military men in the battlefields of the south, the West was the most lawless part of the country.

The travelers from Minnesota soon realized that they would be facing an increasing amount of danger everyday. They could have never been prepared for what was in store for them in the Wild West. This is their story.